by Adrienne Johnson, Technical Writer


Previous FAQs for the organization had been mailed and weren't available online, so I organized, proofread, and edited all the FAQs and published them online.

problem + process

There were no FAQs listed on the old ICCM website. The current FAQs were being mailed out to the sponsors when they sponsored a new child or occasionally in a quarterly mailing. Therefore, donors would have to call for information because there was no convenient way for them to research their own questions.

My Process

  • Gathered all the known FAQs available for the organization into a Google Docs file.
  • Proofread for errors and edited the information for brevity and clarity.
  • Finally, I added the section on Facebook Fundraisers and added additional answers regarding writing to the sponsored child, and giving FAQs


ICCM's FAQs were not listed on their old website. I added all the FAQs for the organization to the website and added many I wrote myself.

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Figure 1: Sample Facebook Giving FAQ
Figure 2: Matching Donations on Facebook
Figure 3: Educating Customers on Giving Options
Figure 4: Donating Anonymously
Figure 5: Considerations When Writing to Your Sponsored Child
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Figure 2: Matching Donations on Facebook